I decided a long time ago that I didn’t want to have a blog where I was the sole contributor. I dreamt of this space as a type of collection of different voices and opinions intertwining with my own to create something beautifully twisted and magical.

Early on in my blogging venture, before I had this platform established, I reached out to different friends just to see if any one was interested in writing a little something for this space that I had yet to create. At that point, I had zero blog posts actually posted, in fact I don’t think I even had the website itself created. Everything I had written was still in my drafts, hopelessly waiting until they became full blown articles. So I felt surprised, humbled, and a little overwhelmed by the positive responses of those I had reached out to. Everyone I had asked wanted to write for my blog. I could not have felt more love and gratitude by the support from all of them.

Look out for new authors as I have a few lined up and will promote his or her article once we have everything written and edited to our liking.

This space was created for my thoughts and the hope to share inspiration to be active and gain general wellness for your mental and physical health. At the same time I wanted this site to be a collection of thoughts. There’s more power in numbers and I don’t at all claim to know everything about health (especially in nutrition because let’s be real, I’m the pickiest eater ever). I’d rather have an over abundance of contributors to round out what I may lack.

That being said if you’d like to publish an article on my site and you feel it fits well with the fitness/health/wellness theme, contact me for details. I can’t give you anything other than virtual hugs for your contribution (and the ability to promote your own work) but it would be lovely to have you be apart of my blogging journey.

See you on the blog soon, fam.

With love, B.

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