Every month, I will be sharing my intentions and maybe a few goals that I want to incorporate into my life/practice. Here’s my first FIVE:

1. I am content.

I love the idea of having “I am” statements in my intentions. It is a mantra you can easily incorporate into your everyday life. You can use simple words like peace, calm, love, happy, joyful… The options are endless. I tend to use this in my breathing exercises with morning/night-time meditation and repeat it in my head or out loud. It’s a simple reminder to live in the right now and be content with everything you have and everything you work for…even if there are storms brewing around you…

2. Embrace change.

A text from a friend led to numbers 2, 3, and 4. This friend texted me about being unsure about her future and emotional weight that brings with it. I fully understand the gravity of these feelings of being lost or not knowing what step to take next. And my best advice is to just take baby steps and embrace change.

3. Be open.

Along with this idea of embracing change, be open to the growth that change allows. Some times growth can be painful but what I’ve learned is that even in painful situations there is always something to be learned from it. Welcome the change and the growth.

4. Be bold.

Be bold and take chances. Those first baby steps that you take may not be exactly what you want or where you want to go. But take those steps. Be bold and brave. Take those steps and learn from them. You can always decide to take a different direction later down the road.

5. Speak less, listen more, love better.

Being a super quiet person, I understand the importance of just being quiet. So much can be learned from listening and learning about other’s perspectives. Instead of becoming defense when someone disagrees with your opinion, I encourage and challenge you to speak less and listen more. In turn, this will allow us to love each other better.

Processed with VSCO with q5 preset

At the beginning of this month, I found the paints I had been neglecting for about a year. So I’ve been attempting to paint at least once a week and with that came this idea that I should set intentions and goals for myself and for my practice. As a yoga teacher, I understand the importance of setting an intention for my classes but I finally see that importance in my own practice.

My new goal is set at least one intention for myself every month. Join me on this journey! Comment and let me know what your intention is this month for your personal practice or your life in general. Let me know if any of mine resonated with you.

Much love, B.

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