A portion of my blog posts will be dedicated to studio reviews. There are SO many studios in Portland that I could probably review studios for an entire year and still not get through all of them. Such a task! So as I try new studios, I will create a post and tell you all about it. My first studio review will be for CorePower Yoga. I completed my teacher training at this studio in Portland so it will always have a special place in my heart (which may create a bias review but oh well).

Prior to my yoga teacher training at CPY, I had no idea what to expect. I had never been to the studio. I had never even heard of the studio to be honest. I was at work one night with some down time around 2am and was just searching through the mass of teacher trainings in the Portland area. My sole purpose for choosing CPY was that I could make it to the time & days that the lectures were scheduled on. I really had no other reason for applying to the studio. I knew I loved power yoga because that’s what I started out doing. I went to a Baptiste yoga studio in Cali for about 8 months prior to moving to Oregon. So I knew I would be interested in learning about power yoga. I contacted CPY through their website, got an email from the Portland studio manager, and spoke with her on a Tuesday about my desires to be a teacher. On Thursday of that same week, I went my very first CPY class and the following Tuesday I started my YTT.

It happened FAST. I am very much the type of person that will easily talk myself out of doing something because of fear or lack of funds or feeling like I won’t be good enough, whatever the excuse is…I am really awesome at creating those excuses in my head. But I’m 25 now and I’ve learned this about myself over the last 10 years or so. By this point in my life, I’ve learned to just JUMP, with very little thought about the fears that coincide with jumping. It’s easier to make things happen for myself this way. I take the leap of faith and hope that I land on a soft cushion (which doesn’t always happen). I can pinpoint certain decisions I’ve made in the past to these “leaps of faith”. It’s ultimately how I ended up as a nurse in Portland, 650+ miles from my family and friends. I moved here not knowing a single soul and now I work a steady job and have found my passion in yoga that drives me forward and has taught me so much about myself and others.

CPY has been a part of that journey. I started YTT just around the time of my 1 year yoga-versary. I wasn’t connected to a studio yet in Portland. I found myself in another long distance relationship (a story for another time) and only knew the people that I worked with. I would go to work, go to the gym, and then sit at home and watch Netflix. Ultimately, not a terrible way to spend your days (especially for my introverted self) but eventually that got to be a bit lonely. So I searched YTTs in the area and jumped for it.

I have met some beautiful humans through this studio (I am now roommates with one of them). The studio itself is a corporation (you can find CPY studios in 20+ states in the US) and while there are downsides to the corporation aspect, I don’t think it takes away from the yoga community at all. CPY has cultivated a community of humans that love, support, and teach one another. We flow together as one community and it’s fucking RAD.

As far as studio preferences here in Portland, there are actually three CPY studios in this area. I haven’t been to one the one in Bridgeport (don’t have a car and public transit takes for-freaking-ever). My favorite one has to be the SE studio because I love the huge windows that let in the natural light. The NW studio is where I started and where my YTT was held. The studio rooms in NW are a bit smaller but there are two rooms so more classes are offered at this studio. Pictures below are of the SE studio (told you, BIG windows).

Each of the CPY studios are SO clean even the locker rooms and bathrooms. CPY has a program for students that you can work as house cleaning essentially and get a discount on the membership prices, I believe it’s called “Studio Experience Teams”. It’s a sweet deal really and because of this program, the studios are spotless (seriously) and the community mats are cleaned daily, which is nice if you don’t like lugging around your mat with you.

CPY teachers are so friendly and are always available for feedback and discussion. They check you into class at the front desk and create such a beautiful space to flow in the studio itself. I am proud to be apart of this studio. As of a week ago, you will find me at the SE studio every week for yet another YTT and come January, I will be auditioning to teach there. I am so STOKED on this journey.

Friends, come and flow alongside me at this studio! You get a free week of unlimited yoga, you won’t regret it! Find their main account on IG here and their blog here for even more yoga inspiration.

Much love, B.

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