Keep Hope Alive

Keep hope alive.

Lately (when I say lately, I really mean the last 2 years hehe), I’ve really tried to accept the human that I am, even all the faults and short comings that entails. I decided to take a walk the other day right when the sun was peaking through the clouds. The temperature was only 42 degrees Fahrenheit but at least it was sunny! Anyhow, I was walking down the street totally blissed out that it was sunny and well there’s this house a few blocks down. It has come to be my favorite house in the neighborhood. It’s painted this awful purple/burgundy color with bright dark green trim around the windows and edges of the house. The house is engulfed in huge redwoods, vines, and other assorted plants here and there. It truly looks like a little old gypsy/witch woman must there, the kind that believes in horoscopes, card readings, palm readings, psychics, and other mystical happenings. My favorite part though is that there’s this chalk board out on the front porch and as I’ve walked past over the last few months I’ve come to realize that whoever lives there writes something new on the chalk board every few weeks. This chalk board has said, “Live with joy” and “Don’t take life for granted”. This week the board says, “Keep hope alive”.

Keep hope alive.

I’m not sure why but this simple message jump started this theme that I want to live being completely me because if I’m not me and I try to live by others’ standards or others’ validation then slowly I will lose hope. I will lose hope in life and in others. I will lose hope that I can be little ole me in a world full of 9 billion other humans. Even if I don’t make a single impacted on any one or any thing, I still want to be me and be damn proud of who I am as a human. To never lose hope that I am capable of accomplishing my dreams. To never lose hope that there is more good in the world than bad. To never lose hope that love will conquer all.

Anyway, with all of this going on in my head as I’m walking down the street to the grocery store, I realized that I haven’t really been true to myself lately in regards to Social Media. In September, I changed my Instagram handle to “LoveLunarYogi” which was great for a few weeks. Then though I started to realize that my name on Instagram does not matter, in ANY way. At the end of the day, nothing on social media really matters. But if I’m going to be presenting this persona to the Instagram world, I feel like it is best to just be myself and if people like that then great and if I don’t gain any more followers then that’s great too. I started posting my yoga journey on Instagram and it has been so.much.FUN. I cannot be concerned with how others will receive my content just because of my name. Honestly, I felt a little bit like a poser. The end game for me is to continue writing in this space on lovelunaryoga and hopefully some where along the line open a studio of my own christened with the very same name.

I am okay with this. I am okay with who I am, in all my indecisive glory. My Instagram handle is now bridgyoto and that name means the world to me. I have been bridgyoto since I was 11 years old, there’s no way I can change it now.

Anyhow, I feel like I’ve rambled about a lot of things that don’t really matter. I will say that I hope you learn from story and just be okay with who you are. Don’t change for the sake of others’. Accept the whole of you. Maybe practice on the things that you want to improve on but give yourself grace and love the process. You’re doing great.

Keep hope alive.

Much love, B.


Yoga and the Mental Threshold

What is the mental threshold? I find that mostly this is the point where you feel like giving up. I have found myself at this threshold so many times, I can’t even count. It’s the breaking point but it’s also the point where you get to see what you’re made of. Either you’re going to give up and allow yourself to be beat OR you’re going to get back up and practice more, gain strength, and try try again.

As a new yoga teacher myself, I feel like the essentials to teaching a beginner student across the mental threshold for a difficult posture often times come from our own practices. I remember being that new student and not knowing even the basic postures and having to peak at the person next to me or in front of me to make sure I was at least kinda-sorta making the same shape. I remember that first time I attempted crow pose and I remember the first time I lifted that second toe off the ground and was floating for about 3 seconds before becoming tired. I remember being talked through more difficult postures after that and even now, I still feel like my own practice is essential to helping someone else learn even the more basic postures.

Mostly though, just sit back and enjoy the journey. Yoga isn’t just about the posture and it certainly isn’t about doing all the fancy ones you see in pictures. It’s not about being perfect or pushing yourself to limits that are beyond your capabilities (this is how you get hurt). Yoga is about a personal journey, not about the goal. As Baron states, “Yoga is a journey with no end…ultimately there is no arriving.”  You can’t force it so all you can do is enjoy the time you have on this particular journey.

Try not to get caught up in the physical poses that you’re not able to do at the moment. Use the opportunity to listen and learn from your body. Understand your mental dialogue and see where you can improve. Baron states, “The poses then become experiments to reveal and work through the resistances that block you, so you can ultimately move through them.” Take chances, be bold, push yourself, try new things, but don’t be unsafe and certainly don’t force it. Just breathe and let it be.

Much love, B.


Taking the Leap

Recently I had a friend tell me about her decision to apply to grad school. Several years of post collegiate life and self doubt, she finally took the leap of faith to go ahead and apply. And I am so damn proud of her. This had been a decision that she’s been mulling over for years now. Certain life things were holding her back for a while there but even just to apply is a BIG move. For me, it’s a reminder to kick aside those fears and self-doubt and take a leap of faith into the unknown. Whether or not we fail doesn’t matter because if you never leap, you’ll never know if you could have succeeded, thereby, hindering your growth. And life is all about growing.

There have been several times in my life where these leaps into the unknown have been some the greatest and most difficult seasons in my personal growth.

My decision to leave my home town at 18 years old and move to LA for school was the first big decision for me. Being in LA, going to a Christian university, and moving away from family and my then boyfriend ultimately shaped the person I am today. I had many ups and so many downs. I made it through the most difficult season of my life and I am thankful that I look a leap of faith and believed in myself and my capabilities. Because without that particular season, I would have become stuck…stagnate in life and in growth.

Making big decisions and taking leaps into the unknown can be the most terrifying, yet rewarding things you can do for yourself. So as my friend did recently, take the leap, make the big decision. You may regret it if you don’t.

Much love, B.


Breaking Up & the Healing that follows

We’ve all had those breakups…the ones that make you crumble and feel like you can’t move on…the ones that make you feel like you were punched in the gut and can no longer catch your breath. And here we are…living and breathing…and doing all the things we didn’t think we could do without that particular person. Breaking up sucks and yet, it’s gotta be one of the most common experiences we all have collectively as humans. Because as humans, it is in our nature to live in community and to find another human to love and to procreate with (let’s be real…biology). Anyhow, let’s talk about breaking up and finding hope when all hope was lost.

Graduating college and having absolutely no ties to anyone or anything was the biggest blessing that could have ever happened to me. At the time, I was depressed and very sick for several months pre and post graduation. The break up that shaped my self worth and self esteem couldn’t have been at a worse time in my life. But I am so damn thankful that it happened. Had it not happened the way that it did, I know for a fact that I would have flipped my life upside for a man that ultimately would not have done the same for me. And that’s not to say anything bad about him, we just weren’t the right humans for one another and there’s nothing wrong that. Regardless, because we broke up when we did, it gave me the opportunity to leave my hometown and start my career in any city I wished. I applied for a position in Portland, Oregon not thinking anything would come of it but I got the job and moved everything I owned into a tiny studio apartment in the middle of the city, living out all my dreams. To this day, I am thankful for the breakup and for all the darkness and shitty days that that entailed. I am a better human because of it.

Breaking up with someone you thought you would spend your life with is devastating. In fact, when I first started writing this blog post I named it “Breaking up & the Hurting that follows”. It seems that even after all this time, the first thing that comes to mind after a difficult break up is the hurting. But I remind myself how much growth the end of that particular relationship brought me and I continue to be so thankful for the way everything happened. I would not be the person I am today without him, the relationship, or the break up.

In the midst of everything that happened, I found yoga…or yoga found me really. Yoga brought light to all of the pain that I had suffered. It brought light to it and because of that, yoga brought healing and self-love. Healing, for me, looked like a reason to get out of bed; it looked like falling asleep without crying; it looked like looking into the mirror and actually seeing the woman behind the facade; it looked like finding a deeper love for myself and for others.

My advice for healing involves finding a passion, finding your self-worth, finding love for yourself and others, and most importantly, learning to let go. With those things and dedicated hard work, healing will prevail. I won’t tell you that things will end up the way you want them or even that they will be okay because I can’t promise that. I will say that things will be different and THAT is what is okay. Change can be good, even if change is hard. So don’t give up. Be kind to yourself and to others.

I realized that this month represents 2 years of yoga and 2.5 years post-life-altering break up. 2016 and 2017 were years of healing. What can 2018 bring me? We shall see.

Much love, B.


New Year, New Intentions, New Goals

Happy New Year everyone! I have seen SO many posts about the New Year and all the new intentions and goals being set, it’s incredible and inspiring. I hope everyone keeps up with their aspirations and even if they don’t, I hope they aren’t too hard on themselves. I definitely am guilty of making goals for myself and then slowly seeing them pass by without a second thought. My goal is always to make attainable goals for myself. Goal within a goal! Woa, too much, ha.

Reflecting back on 2017, I am in awe of how fast the year went by! I can’t believe how much has happened but also, I can’t believe how much didn’t happen. I feel like this was just a year. Nothing really bad happened and nothing really amazing happened, 2017 won’t really be remembered for me…it was just a year. So I hope 2018 is better than just being a year. I hope I accomplish some big goals and make a few things on my list happen this year. We shall see.

Right now I’m sitting on my bed trying to think of awesome goals and intentions to set for myself but I feel like I’m hitting a bit of a road block…writer’s block? I’m not sure. So without thinking too hard, I am sharing with the first 6 things that come to mind. Why 6? Well because that’s all I could come up with and I am learning not to be too hard on myself, ya dig? Okay, here it goes…

This year…

I want to get my handstand.

I want to get my splits.

I want to grow my IG account.

I want to gain muscle (and weight).

I want to make a home with my love.

I want to write more…here on the blog and in my journal.

5 things this year that I want to make happen for myself. That feels attainable, right? What are 5 things you want to make happen for yourself? Share with me!

With love, B.


Staying Motivated

Why is staying motivated so damn difficult sometimes? Motivation is something we all struggle with, am I right? For me, I feel like it comes and goes. Some days I feel ALL the motivation and I want to do ALL the things. And other days all I feel like doing is moving from my bed to the couch and maybe to the kitchen for a bowl of ice cream. Lately, I’ve felt less than motivated, evidenced by the lack of blog posts for the month of November. I really wanted to post once a week or at least that’s the goal I set for myself and when that didn’t happen, I said “oh, it’s fine, I’ll just post something tomorrow” and of course, tomorrow came and went and I had written absolutely nothing. It can be discouraging but as I’ve said we all struggle with motivation so here’s a few tips and tricks about how I stay motivated even on days where all I want to do is stay in bed or sit on the couch.

1. Don’t let yourself say “oh I’ll just do it tomorrow.”

I have a reeeeeal bad habit of doing this. Over and over again. Repeatedly telling myself “yah, yah I’ll do it when I have time” but then the time comes and goes and I’ve got nothing to show for it. So don’t let yourself do this. It’s a real sticky rabbit hole to venture down.

2. It’s okay to have rest days. It’s okay to take breaks. It’s okay.

Even though you may feel super unmotivated and sad and lazy or whatever it is, it’s okay to feel that way. And it is certainly okay to take breaks and let your body rest when you need it. But don’t let those rest days consume you. Rest and then get back out there and conquer your dreams and goals.

3. Be proud of yourself for the things that you DID accomplish.

Even if the only thing you did today was get out of bed, applaud yourself for you. You’re doing great, even if you don’t necessarily feel that way. You are. Don’t give up now.

4. Keep your phone/computer out of your hands until you’re out of bed.

Seriously BAD habit that I struggle with. I’ve found that on the days that I feel particularly down or unmotivated are usually the days that I laid in bed and scrolled through IG and Facebook for the first 45 minutes after waking up. Then after that I just don’t feel like doing anything else. But on the days that I wake and get out of bed right away to feed my cat or to go to yoga or whatever it is, those are the days that I feel super good about the things that I’ve accomplished. So definitely give that a try and just don’t pick up your phone until you’re out of bed, dressed, and ready for the day.

5. Get dressed.

I find this one to be a BIG one. It’s so easy to stay in pajamas all day and feel blah. But if you get up and get dressed, then you’ll be ready for the day and ready to tackle whatever monsters you gotta beat that day. I’m rooting for you!

These are just a few ways that I stay motivated and to be honest, they don’t always work. And that’s okay because at least I’m trying. I’m giving it my best effort and that’s all I can really hope for. Living life can be super difficult sometimes and we dig ourselves into these black holes with no way of seeing any light. It can be daunting and frustrating and in every moment you may want to give up. But don’t. Don’t give up. Keep getting out of bed everyday and just try to do one thing for your own good. I am rooting for you. From one human to another, you are loved, you are enough, you can make your dreams come true.

With love,



December Intentions

In October, I made all these intentions and goals with the mind set that I would stay on top of ALL the things, and of course, that didn’t happen. Because life isn’t cut and dry and things don’t always happen the way we want them to. November just sorta went on by and I lacked the motivation to write anything down. So here’s December, a new month and a new opportunity to set and attain new goals. I’m ready.

1. Get off your ass.

I have a genuine problem with laziness sometimes, which some weeks I don’t think matter because working in healthcare just runs you down sometimes and that’s just plain and simple. So I need a rest day every once in a while. It’s a problem when one day turns into four. Oops. Regardless, this month I’m dedicating to getting off my ass and taking action in accomplishing my goals.

Struggling with laziness or lack of motivation is okay. We all go through periods of time of high energy and low energy. When you feel your energy is low, I challenge you to at least get dressed. Being dressed, even if you’re at home all day, will help you feel like a) you’ve accomplished something for the day and b) you’re ready to make things happen…even if you don’t. So get dressed, eat a meal, go for a walk, maybe read a book (instead of watching TV). Set little attainable goals for yourself daily that will help you feel successful and confident. Just get off your ass 😉

2. Push yourself but give yourself grace too.

I think sometimes my goals for my future cloud my present. They overshadow everything else when sometimes the most important thing for us to do is just to be in the present moment. I’m ready to push myself and challenge myself. I’m ready for growth and new lessons. Are you? And while I find goal setting so key to being successful, we also have to remember to give ourselves some grace too because sometimes we are our own worst enemy.

3. Say YES.

Don’t let fear of failure get you down. Again, sometimes we’re our own worst enemies. We hold ourselves back and in turn we become stagnant in growth. But challenge yourself to say yes. Say yes to the challenge and face your fears. It’s okay if things don’t go the way you planned, don’t be afraid because all we can do is learn, readjust, and move forward.

Just three intentions this month. I feel that December will be a busy month and I am so ready for more adventures. This month I’ll have more blog posts up for you all because I’m feeling ALL the motivation right now… *hint hint: next topic* 😉 See you all on the blog soon!

Much love, B.



I wrote “Today, I am thankful for…” posts everyday on my Instagram for 10 days. I didn’t realize how much this would change my perspective on my everyday life. Often times we’re so busy that we forget to pause and live in the present moment. I know I’m guilty of that, of being too focused on the future or bracing myself for what’s coming next that I forget to be present and see all that I have in the present moment. These posts have been an amazing reminder that we have so much to be thankful for right now…today. Even if it’s the simplest of things, like a bowl of Cheerios or fun festive socks or the sunshine peaking through the clouds or having the day off to watch way too much Netflix. I am thankful.

I am thankful because I didn’t really realize how much it would change my perspective on my daily happenings. On the last day of this particular challenge, the tenth day, I killed my roommate’s car battery. I think on any other day I would have been super annoyed that I made such a stupid mistake. On any other day my initial thoughts might have been something like, “Seriously, Bridget, you’ve driven her car a grand total of 3 times and you couldn’t manage to turn off all the damn lights before going inside the house?! Apparently that’s too much to ask…” But no, on this day, because I spent the 9 days prior writing down all the things I was thankful for, my mind immediately went to “How can I be thankful for this particular situation? What am I supposed to learn here?”

In the end, I got to FaceTime with my dad and chat with him about car stuff. My neighbor stopped by and helped jump my car after I drove my other roommate’s car on our lawn to jump the battery I killed (okay, hilariously stupid I know but whatever). I made the best cookies I’ve ever made without an actual mixer (mixed that dough with a fork, which is just as difficult and annoying as it sounds). I went to a killer yoga class after my studio’s heater was finally fixed. And all in all, still had a great day, all because my first thought was about how I could be thankful in an annoying situation. Something so simple and easy changed my perspective.

I am thankful for this present moment. There are so many things that have brought me here and so many things I have had to work through in order to be here but I am so damn thankful that I have risen above challenges and looming dark clouds. Every day there are things to be thankful for, we just have to take a moment to recognize all that we have worked for and all that we have been given.

So my challenge to you? With November being the month for giving thanks, take a moment to write down all the things you’re thankful in this present moment. It can be simple things or big life changing things. We have an opportunity to shift our thinking here. I know I’m guilty of taking for granted the things I have whether I worked for them or not. It’s so easy to overlook the simple things that make life so beautiful. Let’s make a conscious effort to remind ourselves of all that we have even in moments we feel are difficult or challenging.

Much love, B.


Robbery on the Bus

For more reasons than one, I really dislike public transit. I have had a car since I was 16 years old and I loved not having to rely on anyone to get me where I wanted to go. I lucked out. It happened to be our old family car.  By the time I sold it, it had been in the family for 16 years, I had driven it for 9 of those years, and we racked it up to over 360,000 miles. It served us well and I have such fond memories of adventuring in that car. I affectionately named the car Clark, like Clark Kent, because he was a super car, literally my dad revived him SO MANY times and the car just would not stay dead. I sold Clark after a month of living in Portland. The building I lived in didn’t have parking included and it was going to cost another $200 a month to park Clark across the street on top of the $1200 dollars a month for rent. I wasn’t down for that. So I sold him.


Me and Clark on our last grand adventure together on a beautiful drive to the Oregon coast.

It’s now been a little over a year without a car and purely riding public transit. I’ve gotta say it’s not favorite. In general, it takes for ever to get anywhere. I try not to complain too much because I am thankful that I have a way around the city without owning a car. But yesterday takes the cake for my public transportation experience.

I got on the bus and this specific bus line seemed to be especially packed that day. So I had been standing next to the back door (I like to be near the doors) and we came to a stop. Three teenagers walked past me to get off the bus, when a fourth came bolting past me nearly knocking me over, laughing all while doing it, and at the same time a woman in the back screamed, “HEY!…STOP…HOLD THE BUS…” and proceeded to blast past me as well.

It happened so fast. I keep trying to think of ways I could have helped but really there was nothing I could have done, besides trip the fourth kid that did the robbing, which again happened so quickly. The woman had been casually texting on her phone when this teenager grabbed her phone and bolted from the bus. She probably won’t see her phone again and that boy probably won’t be caught and therefore there will be no repercussions for his actions. For the woman, her day was ruined because of his actions.

It drives me insane that we, as humans, are so capable of hurting one another and some humans seem to enjoy it. Some don’t have any regard for others. I know, I know. You might be thinking, “Bridget, it was just a phone, there are far worse things that could have happened.” I KNOW THERE ARE and in the grand scheme of things the damn phone doesn’t matter. But what does matter is the fact that you’re so willing to write off what happened to this woman just because it was “just a phone”. Yes, it was just a phone, I get that. But that boy’s actions today still ruined that woman’s day and he laughed while doing it. The real problem is that he does not care how his actions affect others or the world around him.

We, as humans, can do better. We have to do better. Maybe it was “just a phone” today but what happens when that same kid grows up and tries to rob a gas station while yielding a gun, or decides to set a forest on fire with fireworks which said fire threatens the lives and homes of several thousand people (aka the Eagle Creek fire in Oregon/Washington border, google it). And yes, maybe I’m passing too harsh of a judgement on that kid because I don’t know anything about him; he has his own story. But these senseless actions that may same “small” in the grand scheme of things eventually add up; they always add up.

We have to do better to teach other to fucking respect other humans. Not an easy task, I know, but I cannot lose hope. I have to believe that people can be better to each other and learn to respect each other better. It boils down to education, listening to one another, and gaining perspective. Sometimes we get caught up in the argument and spouting off snide comebacks. It’s okay to disagree. It’s not okay to not respectfully listen to another’s point of view. We’ve all had different experiences and we walk in different shoes. There’s no way we can know how each of us sees the world but with education, listening, learning, and gaining perspective, we can start to better understand the reasons for our world view and in turn, I think we can learn to love and respect each other better, and maybe even have a change of heart.

Even with this picture of myself, with my tongue sticking out seemingly carefree, right? But you have no idea what brought me here today. You don’t know my experiences or anything under the surface. I may be sticking out my tongue for funsies (not a word, I know), but you didn’t know about the bus incidence and how it affected me until I told you. And did you know that it was hard to force myself out of bed this morning to get to yoga? Did you know in the beginning of 2016 yoga was my ONLY reason to get myself out of bed? Did you know that I cried at work last week because a patient was being rude but that patients being rude to me or the other nurses I work with happens EVERY DAY? Did you know it wasn’t really the patient that made me cry? Did you know that I had been dreading to come to work that day because again, it was hard to get out of bed…for no reason, other than sometimes my serotonin levels get really low and it’s hard to function? Did you know that for the last several weeks I’ve gotten 3-5 hours of sleep each night and that too is linked to my serotonin levels? Did you know that a lady getting robbed on a bus would lead to all this for me? NOPE. You didn’t know a damn thing until I told you and allowed you to gain a little perspective into my world.

We can’t know what each of us goes through every day. We CAN choose how we treat one another. Yes, sometimes we have bad days and we might be rude or impatient every now and again (we can’t expect to be perfect). But we can at least TRY to love and respect each other better. We can at least TRY to gain understanding of each other and maybe little by little, we can make the world a little better…a little more hopeful and a little more loving.

What are some of your thoughts? Comment below and tell me what you think. I am always up to hear a new perspective and new thought processes. Let’s start a conversation here.

Much love, B.


CorePower Yoga: Portland

A portion of my blog posts will be dedicated to studio reviews. There are SO many studios in Portland that I could probably review studios for an entire year and still not get through all of them. Such a task! So as I try new studios, I will create a post and tell you all about it. My first studio review will be for CorePower Yoga. I completed my teacher training at this studio in Portland so it will always have a special place in my heart (which may create a bias review but oh well).

Prior to my yoga teacher training at CPY, I had no idea what to expect. I had never been to the studio. I had never even heard of the studio to be honest. I was at work one night with some down time around 2am and was just searching through the mass of teacher trainings in the Portland area. My sole purpose for choosing CPY was that I could make it to the time & days that the lectures were scheduled on. I really had no other reason for applying to the studio. I knew I loved power yoga because that’s what I started out doing. I went to a Baptiste yoga studio in Cali for about 8 months prior to moving to Oregon. So I knew I would be interested in learning about power yoga. I contacted CPY through their website, got an email from the Portland studio manager, and spoke with her on a Tuesday about my desires to be a teacher. On Thursday of that same week, I went my very first CPY class and the following Tuesday I started my YTT.

It happened FAST. I am very much the type of person that will easily talk myself out of doing something because of fear or lack of funds or feeling like I won’t be good enough, whatever the excuse is…I am really awesome at creating those excuses in my head. But I’m 25 now and I’ve learned this about myself over the last 10 years or so. By this point in my life, I’ve learned to just JUMP, with very little thought about the fears that coincide with jumping. It’s easier to make things happen for myself this way. I take the leap of faith and hope that I land on a soft cushion (which doesn’t always happen). I can pinpoint certain decisions I’ve made in the past to these “leaps of faith”. It’s ultimately how I ended up as a nurse in Portland, 650+ miles from my family and friends. I moved here not knowing a single soul and now I work a steady job and have found my passion in yoga that drives me forward and has taught me so much about myself and others.

CPY has been a part of that journey. I started YTT just around the time of my 1 year yoga-versary. I wasn’t connected to a studio yet in Portland. I found myself in another long distance relationship (a story for another time) and only knew the people that I worked with. I would go to work, go to the gym, and then sit at home and watch Netflix. Ultimately, not a terrible way to spend your days (especially for my introverted self) but eventually that got to be a bit lonely. So I searched YTTs in the area and jumped for it.

I have met some beautiful humans through this studio (I am now roommates with one of them). The studio itself is a corporation (you can find CPY studios in 20+ states in the US) and while there are downsides to the corporation aspect, I don’t think it takes away from the yoga community at all. CPY has cultivated a community of humans that love, support, and teach one another. We flow together as one community and it’s fucking RAD.

As far as studio preferences here in Portland, there are actually three CPY studios in this area. I haven’t been to one the one in Bridgeport (don’t have a car and public transit takes for-freaking-ever). My favorite one has to be the SE studio because I love the huge windows that let in the natural light. The NW studio is where I started and where my YTT was held. The studio rooms in NW are a bit smaller but there are two rooms so more classes are offered at this studio. Pictures below are of the SE studio (told you, BIG windows).

Each of the CPY studios are SO clean even the locker rooms and bathrooms. CPY has a program for students that you can work as house cleaning essentially and get a discount on the membership prices, I believe it’s called “Studio Experience Teams”. It’s a sweet deal really and because of this program, the studios are spotless (seriously) and the community mats are cleaned daily, which is nice if you don’t like lugging around your mat with you.

CPY teachers are so friendly and are always available for feedback and discussion. They check you into class at the front desk and create such a beautiful space to flow in the studio itself. I am proud to be apart of this studio. As of a week ago, you will find me at the SE studio every week for yet another YTT and come January, I will be auditioning to teach there. I am so STOKED on this journey.

Friends, come and flow alongside me at this studio! You get a free week of unlimited yoga, you won’t regret it! Find their main account on IG here and their blog here for even more yoga inspiration.

Much love, B.